puteraz's chapters of life
By: puteraz idaman

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Friday, 9-Sep-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Musim Org Kawin

Ish2 ape pegang2 tu
Upacara membelah kek pisang
Amboi malu nampak
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NI gambar Mohsen Kawin 21/8/05

Tuesday, 14-Jun-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

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PM Foto Session!!!!! By puteraz

(Byak lagi tak upload ni, nanti ade masa saye upload ok)

Wednesday, 8-Jun-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Gambar hiasan
Assalamualaikum, buat semua.
ingat nak upload gambor PM arini tapi lupa bwk pendrive. So tpaksa nantikan hari esok....

Friday, 20-May-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The day i almost forget and remember

pooh di bawah pucuk rebung :}
poooh comel
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Just more of my pic and my friendzzzz. Kitaorg pg buat lawatan sambil belajar ke angkasa puri
Seronot. First time lak 2...heheheh

Hope u enjoy it

Sumthing to remember:

Sheikh `A?id Al-Qarni gives us this advice in his famous book Don?t Be Sad, which I recommend everyone to read it . Muslims and Non-Muslims.The following are quotations from the book

If you are stricken by poverty, others are chained in debt.
If you don?t have shoes, others have no feet.
If you feel pain now, others have been aching for years.
If your son dies, other have lost many.
If you have sinned, then repent.
If you have committed a mistake, correct it.
The doors of repentance are ever open!
The fountain of forgiveness is every rich!
So, don?t be sad!

Let all bygones be bygones!
What is predestined for you, you shall see it!
Being sad will not change anything!
So don?t be sad!

Sadness spoils your life!
Destroys your happiness!
And turns it into wretchedness!
So don?t be sad!

Supplication is your shield!
Prayer is your beacon!
Prostration is your means!
So don?t be sad!

See how vast is the earth!
How nice are the gardens and forests!
How bright are the stars!
All are happy, but you are sad!
So, don?t be sad!

You have sweet water to drink!
Fresh air to breathe!
Feet to walk with!
You sleep safely in your bed!
So, why be sad?

Every cloud has a silver lining!
After long nights, come the bright sun!
Life will soon give you a smile!
So be ready to get it!
And don?t be sad!

Real life is that spent in happiness!
So cross out you sad days from your age!
Peace of mind is the real treasure!
Sorrow avails not!
So don?t be sad!

Monday, 16-May-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The day before tommorowind...

My property
Danial Comel
Still belum ade gambar terkini nak di muat naikkan. So harap bersabar ek

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